What is ms0cfg32.exe or conhost.exe and how to remove them

While browsing the internet (we are not sure on which site) Avast Pro the anti-virus on our machine prompt us of a process called ms0cfg32.exe. The latter tried to open automatically some internet links which are supposed to contain some harmful JavaScript file which download viruses to your computer automatically, but all of them were blocked by our anti-virus. After investigating about it and as most people are saying, we found that it is a trojan/backdoor. A Trojan is a virus that allow someone to gain access to your machine from a distant location and steal your information.

Another process that does the same thing after restarting our machine is conhost.exe. This process also tried to open many links just as the aforementioned process but our anti-virus block them. However normally, "conhost.exe or Console Window Host belongs to the software conhost.exe or Microsoft Windows Operating System by Microsoft Corporation" (www.microsoft.com) but many other harmful processes use this name and camouflage themselves under it.

How to remove them?
To view your current running process on windows system, please press [CTRL + ALT + Delete] at the same time to open task manager. Then look for ms0cfg32.exe & conhost.exe and right click on them, one by one, and then select "kill process". Also remove them from windows startup.

After that, you should update your anti-virus database (recommended) and then restart your system in safe mode and do a full scan. Remove or quarantine all threat found. Then restart your computer normally. And they should have gone!

If you are having trouble with these processes or have got other processes doing the same thing, please drop us a comment below and we'll try to help you where possible.

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