How to block unwanted sites

How to block unwanted sites? "I am a parent and I want to restrict some sites that my children surf, how do i block these sites?" Many parents want to restrict the sites their children surf. They want to block unwanted sites so that their children are not influenced with the content of these sites.

In this article we will learn various methods that work with your favorite browser, and help you block these unwanted sites.

Blocking unwanted sites with a software

The easiest way to block unwanted sited is by using a software. A software will help you block these sites simply by entering the domain name of the unwanted sites. There are some software that go further by blocking keywords so that when these keywords appear in the title of a page, the page won't load. And of course these software are protected with a password. So when your children would try to unlock these blocked sites, they would require a password to unlock these sites. However they won't be able as only you have this secret password.

There are thousands of software that can do this for you, some freewares are:
k9 web protection (Windows) (Mac), request free licence and Easy Website Blocker among others.

Blocking unwanted sites in Firefox

Firefox has many add-ons that can do this such as "blocksite". See how to install a Firefox add-on.

Blocking unwanted sites in Chrome

On Chrome, click on the "twist tool" icon in the right corner, then choose "Options". In the left sidebar, click on "Under the Hood". Then click on "Change Proxy Settings", a window will pop. Select "security">"Restricted Sites">"Sites". When you click on "sites" another window will pop, and this is the place where you put the unwanted sites URL. After that, click OK and OK, then you're done.

Blocking unwanted sites in Internet Explorer

To block sites in Internet Explorer, open internet explorer, go to Tools>Internet Options>Security>Restricted sites, then click on "Sites", enter the address you want to block and click "Add" an close by clicking "OK". Now you won't be able to access these sites.

Blocking unwanted sites in all your browsers

On Windows>Click "Start">"All Programs">"Accessories">"Command Prompt". A DOS command window will open, type "C:/Windows/System32/drivers/etc/hosts". Now look for the line (without quote) " localhost". To block a site just add "" under the line " localhost". Do the same for other sites you want to blocka and save the file. From Now you won't be able to access these block sites from any browser.

Blocking unwanted sites from your router

First of all you should be able to access your router, then login on the router. Next use this address in your URL bar. You will notice three place on the page. You will see on the left there is filtering for content, choose block sites. After choosing block sites, a list will appear. You can block by keyword or site domain name, type them (keyword or site address), then click on add. So all the keywords or sites addresses that you've add will appear in the block list. To finish click on apply. Test it by trying to browse the sites you have block and you should notice that the sites won't load

Blocking unwanted sites on Ubuntu Linux

In Ubuntu, you just have to do a small entry in the /etc/hosts file. Type "sudo su" in your terminal and enter your password. Go to /etc/hosts by typing gedit/etc/hosts in the terminal and then add the following line of command without the quote: "". Replace with the site address you want to block, do not add http:// to it. Do the same for other sites you want to block. You'll see after that, when you try to access that site, it will respond "failed to connect".

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